meetingFrustrated by ineffective collaboration?

Collaboration is critical to create, present and implement ideas, but you know the frustration. Your team has the intent of the new ideas on the whiteboard, but transcribing them so they can be clearly understood, presented and put to use can be frustrating. In a fast and connected workplace, keeping everyone on the same page takes time and effort, especially when people are remote. People’s intent and knowledge is lost. It’s time to rethink group productivity for the modern workplace – so you spend less time getting on the same page and more time creating, presenting and implementing ideas.

We are still in stealth mode, and looking for great software developers!

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  • YouTube


    Sep 18, 2014

    Wonder what’s it like to work here at Intentional? We just posted some videos highlighting our work environment, one with interns and one with full time employees. Check them out.

  • Interns

    The Interns Are Here!

    Jun 6, 2014

    The interns are arriving weekly now. This year we are fortunate to have 25 amazing interns representing University of Washington, Stanford, MIT, Carnegie Mellon, Cornell, Berkeley, Harvey Mudd, University of Waterloo and University of Virginia. They are all working on interesting and well scoped … read more

  • ACORD_logo_tcf

    Today, we announced that ACORD will be using the Intentional Platform for creating, managing and publishing all ACORD Insurance Standards across all working groups. The new ACORD Standards Development Platform (SDP) will accelerate and simplify the standards development process and … read more