Intentional Software Corporation’s mission is to make the world’s knowledge more accessible and useful. We are creating a new technology we call knowledge processing,  that will allow knowledge experts to operationalize their knowledge.  Our focus is to improve productivity and accelerate innovation by empowering business users to turn their knowledge into software.

Our knowledge intensive applications change how we capture, record, and automate knowledge. Intentional provides organizations with measurable improvements in the way their knowledge assets are used.

Our Logo

You may have noticed the backwards E and the upside down A in our logo. These are important mathematical symbols called the existential and universal quantifiers. An important branch of mathematics – predicate logic- is based on them. They are read as there exists and for all,  hence their form that relates them to the letters E(xist) and A(ll). They are used to formally say things like  ”there exists an answer for all questions”.

Intentional Software is not specially connected with  predicate logic, but the allusion to the quantifiers in the logo is still meaningful. It reminds us that there exists an intention for all domain concepts. It also suggests that the special notations of a domain, like ∃ and ∀ in predicate logic, should be usable when expressing intentions.

The iconic form of the logo recalls the two quantifiers and adds the graphical element of an arrow symbolizing the generative techniques that are integral to Intentional Software.