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For more than 30 years, David Allen has been helping people achieve “The Art of Stress-Free Productivity” through a methodology called Getting Things Done (GTD®).  GTD is a work-life management system.  GTD is a powerful method to manage commitments, information, and communication.  GTD enables greater performance, capacity, and innovation.

Many GTD Enthusiasts today are constantly looking for new ways to incorporate applications and their numerous computing devices into their workflow.  The following group of applications gives an example of the breadth of  application categories which could be involved in a GTD workflow:

This breadth of applications is what has forced many of the GTD users to become the glue themselves which binds the workflow together.  This is an area where software should be adding more value.

For years, many software companies have been attempting to embed the GTD methodology into software.  Even with the numerous GTD plug-ins and apps in the market today, many needs of the GTD Enthusiast are still not being satisfied. This presents an opportunity to apply a new approach to encapsulating GTD into software.


Today, the GTD workflow requires the use of many applications that don’t work well together.  Furthermore, it’s nearly impossible to swap out an application used in the GTD workflow. Since many applications are typically being utilized, getting the right cross-application view of my GTD data is nearly impossible.

GTD – An opportunity to create a Meta application

Intentional Software’s new approach of developing a Meta application will be focused on 5 key areas which we believe continue to be unsatisfied in today’s market.

  • Comprehensive GTD workflow support through automatic configuration and data synchronization makes my applications work better together.
  • By working with my GTD applications and providing an easy migration between application changes, the flexibility that I need in my GTD workflow can be supported.
  • Flexible view creation enables users to achieve their desired cross application GTD data views.
  • A simplified interaction model makes it easier to interact with a mobile device in support of the GTD workflow.
  • By having the computing device work on my behalf through automatic processing of information, I can become more efficient in executing the GTD workflow.

By delivering a Meta application that fulfills upon these unsatisfied needs, we can offer a GTD Enthusiast more comprehensive support of their GTD workflow within software.

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