Start An Intentional Project

Start An Intentional Project!

Interested in an Intentional project? We are currently welcoming additional projects to use Intentional’s knowledge processing technology. If you have a good proposal for such a project, please submit it here. We use the following criteria to evaluate if a project is a good fit:

  • There exists a strong body of domain knowledge, preferably recorded in documents or spreadsheets.
  • Domain experts are available.
  • Project domain should show plenty of room for innovation.
  • Project must have great potential to significantly increase productivity.
  • Project should show great business opportunity or organizational transformation when completed.
  • The project can be in house or externally facing.
  • The project needs to be a good candidate for a public showcase when completed.
  • Project team is located in North America or Europe (other geographies will be added in the future).
  • Project has budget and timeline.

Fill out the form below and tell us why you think your project would be a great fit with Intentional.

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