• Charles Simonyi named Stanford Engineering Hero

    Stanford University today named Charles Simonyi, our founder, CTO and Chairman, a Stanford Engineering Hero. From Stanford: The honor recognizes professional achievements that have advanced social and economic progress and improved the human condition. Today’s announcement by Persis S. Drell, the … read more

  • ACORD to Publish Insurance Standards on Intentional Platform

    Today, we announced that ACORD will be using the Intentional Platform for creating, managing and publishing all ACORD Insurance Standards across all working groups. The new ACORD Standards Development Platform (SDP) will accelerate and simplify the standards development process and … read more

  • WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get

    A useful historical metaphor to what we are doing at Intentional is to study how WYSIWYG  was adopted: BEFORE WYSIWYG documents were created by a special role – a typist – that used type writers, and later text editors, to create … read more

  • Improving the Software Process at Ericsson

    Ericsson is the fifth largest software company in the world with over 20,000 software engineers. They are not as well known as their main products are used inside wireless networks with customers like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. Look up … read more

  • This is Why You Studied Computer Science

    We are growing rapidly here at Intentional and are expanding our Campus Recruiting this year. This spring we are visiting the following campus career fairs: Jan 25, 2014         Stanford Jan 28-29, 2014  University of Washington Feb 4, … read more

  • The Atlantic

    Jim Fallows interviews Charles Simonyi in the September issue of The Atlantic – Software’s Final Frontier: A Conversation With Charles Simonyi. It’s a great piece, as always from Jim Fallows, and it goes deeper and more philosophical on Charles thinking … read more

  • Domain Specific Languages in Financial Systems

    I’m helping organizing a workshop at the MODELS conference in Miami, FL, on Domain Specific Languages for Financial Systems. We have a great program committee and we look forward to many high quality submissions. It has been very interesting to see … read more

  • Models in Miami South Beach

    That headline should drive some traffic! In fact, the MODELS conference this year will be held in Miami’s South Beach. I’m helping out on the organization committee and it’s promising to be an interesting conference. Our very own Charles Simonyi … read more

  • ICSE Conference

    The International Conference on Software Engineering is the granddaddy of research oriented software engineering conferences. Now in its 35th year, this years conference will take place in San Francisco, May 18-26, 2013. The general chair this year is Professor David … read more

  • Charles Simonyi on Charlie Rose

    Charles Simonyi, founder, chairman and CTO of Intentional Software was interviewed by Charlie Rose and the show aired in May, 2012. In this brief interview Dr. Charles Simonyi recalls his early vision for the software industry, his father’s impact on … read more

  • DARPA and Manufacturing

    DARPA has a fantastic track record on technological innovations, from the earliest space programs, the internet, personal computers, VLSI, stealth technology, GPS, unmanned systems, to artificial intelligence as embodied by Siri in the iPhone. Although driven from the defense perspective, … read more

  • Capgemini

    Financial services  is a sector where knowledge is a competitive weapon. Capgemini understood that their knowledge was a strategic asset for innovation by their customers and wanted a way to leverage their expertise in the  Pension and Life Insurance market. In a project with Capgemini, … read more

  • We are hiring Software Engineering talent – including Interns!

    We are now engaged in more and more pilot projects with customers. It’s fantastic to see the creativity of what can be achieved once knowledge is structured and managed properly. We have a steady stream of new projects coming our … read more

  • Out of This World Software Engineering

    Fortune magazine recently published an article, Out of This World Software Engineering, that highlights our efforts here at Intentional Software. It discusses the idea of knowledge procesing, a topic we will come back to later here on this blog. Charles … read more

  • ThoughtWorks Technology Radar

    We have had a close relationship with ThoughtWorks for several years here at Intentional. They have been following us closely as they are very interested in the potential of the Intentional technology. ThoughtWorks Technical Advisory Board consists of a group of … read more

  • Software Engineering Radio

    Software Engineering Radio is a great podcast for anyone interested in some deeper discussions on various software technologies. We were invited to discuss the Intentional system in more detail. Shane Clifford from Intentional Software is interviewed by Markus Völter. Enjoy … read more

  • Intentional Software at Work

    Our presentation from QCon San Francisco is now posted here.We start with an introduction and then show two example domains – Electronics and "Building Permits on Rails". The "Building Permits on Rails" section is from a real pilot project we … read more

  • Public Events

    This fall we are giving a few public talks and demos of what we are up to here at Intentional Software. We will be at: JAOO 2009, October 5-7, Aarhus, Denmark QCon 2009, November 18-20, San Francisco, USA I'm not … read more

  • Public Intentional Demo

    We just had the pleasure of presenting at the DSL Developer’s Conference organized by Chris Sells at Microsoft. This event was a good opportunity to give a public update on our progress here at Intentional Software. Martin Fowler did a … read more

  • Upcoming Events

    A lot of progress has been made here at Intentional Software. Like last year, we also this year will give updates at some public events in both North America and Europe. This spring we will be presenting at: DSL Developer's … read more

  • Programmers at Work

    Those old enough might remember the 1986 book Programmers at Work. It was a set of in depth interviews with 19 programmer pioneers at the time. The pioneers included people like Dan Bricklin (VisiCalc), Ray Ozzie (Lotus Symphony, Lotus Notes), … read more

  • Recent and Upcoming Conferences

    We also have a few conferences coming up. If you want to learn more about Intentional, stop by and say hello. We will be presenting at: OOP Conference, January 21-25, 2008, Munich, Germany Lang.NET Symposium, January 28-30, 2008, Redmond, WA, … read more

  • Intentional Software In The News

    We are featured in two top-tier journals this week. First, Charles is the subject of the InformationWeek “High Five” interview written by Nick Hoover. We especially like Nick’s description of our goals here at Intentional Software, “… aims to commercialize … read more

  • Rosetta Code

    Not long ago Charles gave a talk at the Society of Computer-Archeologists in Denmark entitled "The Rosetta Code". The title refers to the Rosetta Stone which was key to the deciphering of hieroglyphs as it contains the same text in … read more

  • Learn more about Intentional

    This fall you will have two opportunities to learn more about Intentional. We will be presenting at two major conferences, JAOO and OOPSLA. At both conferences we will give an update on our technology and also do a sneak preview … read more

  • A Process With the Right Degrees of Freedom – the Lagom Process?

    We have discussed a few times earlier the need to use the right abstractions, or the right degrees of freedom, to solve a problem. The best solution is something that exactly fits the problem domain, being it the right size … read more

  • We are hiring!

    Currently we have openings for a select few outstanding programmers. If you would like to work on a new breakthrough product that will transform how software is used and developed, this is your opportunity. If you are bright, highly competent, … read more

  • Appropriate Levels of Abstraction – Follow up

    Thank you all for the great comments on the blog entry "Appropriate Levels of Abstraction". We all seem to acknowledge the general solution of finding the right level of abstraction to express our intention. Still, we recognize the issues with … read more

  • Computer Languages Multiply

    In the 2005 December 14th issue of Wall Street Journal (requires login) there is an interesting column by Lee Gomes under the headline "Computer Languages Multiply, Pleasing Many – but Not all". The following qoute summarizes the column well: Languages … read more

  • Maximal Fun Programming

    Mike Koss just wrote an insightful essay about one of his most fun experiences as a programmer. Mike has been around the block and has worked on products like Excel, Outlook, and Sharepoint at Microsoft. He tells a story about … read more

  • Appropriate Levels of Abstraction

    The software engineering community often aspires to "higher levels of abstraction". Many believe that is the solution to defeat complexity and to increase our productivity. Assembler languages evolved to 3rd generation languages (3GL) like C, C++ and Java. 4GL languages … read more

  • Getting the experts involved

    The development community has recognized for a long time that involving subject matter experts in the software development process is a critical factor to success. Techniques like joint application development (JAD) formalized this almost 30 years ago, and lately the … read more

  • Jetbrains

    Jetbrains just introduced the early access program for its Meta Programming System (MPS), a Language Workbench that makes it possible to define your own specialized language. It’s great to see these types of tools enter the market as they share … read more

  • ThoughtWorks and the Language Workbench

    We have been working with ThoughtWorks for a while now to help us refine our Intentional System. Using our work-in-process technology in various real-world application scenarios, we are learning from each other how to make the technology most usable in … read more

  • The long tail of programming languages

    When we look at programming languages, we tend to believe there are only a few dominant ones, such as Java, C++, VB and C#, and that all the rest are rarely used. Real life data, however, indicates that nothing could … read more

  • Welcome to Intentional’s blog!

    We have decided to start blogging in hope to have many fruitful discussions with everyone who is interested in what we are up to. We are passionate about our groundbreaking work here, and want this blog to become an open … read more