Domain Specific Languages in Financial Systems

I’m helping organizing a workshop at the MODELS conference in Miami, FL, on Domain Specific Languages for Financial Systems. We have a great program committee and we look forward to many high quality submissions.

It has been very interesting to see the widespread use of DSLs inside the financial industry – there is a long history here – but recently several targeted efforts seem to be aligning around using more formal and semantically rich techniques to express the knowledge in various data and process integration use cases. Financial systems have hard requirements on reliability and correctness, while performing under stress with thousands of various organizations participating in the exchange of data. I can only think of tele communications with more extreme requirements in this field.

Please submit proposals on the workshop and plan on participating  if you are in the industry. We plan to have plenty of time for discussions around the various presentations, and we as organizers hope that, assuming it turns out well, this will be an annual workshop.

Btw, Charles is the keynote speaker at the MODELS conference, which will happen the day after the workshop.

See you in Miami!