Public Intentional Demo

We just had the pleasure of presenting at the DSL Developer’s Conference organized by Chris Sells at Microsoft. This event was a good opportunity to give a public update on our progress here at Intentional Software.

Martin Fowler did a nice write up about Intentional and so did Larry O'Brien for SDTimes.

Lots of great conversations after the conference. Here are some more blogs: Markus Völter, and Ted Leung. And many others, for example here, and here.

People are asking me about the availability of the Intentional Domain Workbench. At this point we are making it available to dedicated pilot projects across a wide range of domains. Since the system and approach is so different from anything else most developers are used to, we want to ensure we can support all of them properly. The learning curve is not that huge, but the shift in mindset is. Once you "get it", Intentional is actually pretty straight forward. So we want to make sure we have the bandwidth to support this shift in mindset among early adopters. I hope after these first pilot projects we will have a core community that can evolve into a broader, open community.

If you are interested in trying the Intentional Domain Workbench in a pilot project, drop me an email with some details of your project.

Next up is to give a similar update in Europe.