Announcing Collaboration with Productivity Leader David Allen

Today is an exciting day. In direct collaboration with David Allen, Intentional Software will apply its Meta approach to deliver a compelling user experience for the Getting Things Done methodology, with the goal of increasing productivity on mobile devices. The project does not plan to replace existing systems like email, voicemail, social networks, or other collaborative applications, but rather develop a “Meta” application that integrates with leading applications individuals already use.

“Today, society is more mobile than ever and there is an expectation that our devices should enable us to become more productive,” said David Allen, Founder and Chairman of the David Allen Company. “However, that is often not the case. The team at Intentional has taken a completely different approach to creating software, one that lends itself particularly well to encoding the GTD methodology in a multi-point, mobile productivity solution.”

Get involved by providing user experience feedback or learn about the partnership opportunities for organizations who wish to integrate with this new offering. Intentional Software is also actively recruiting talented individuals to collaborate on this project.  Interested parties are encouraged to contact Intentional Software at