Welcome to Intentional’s blog!

We have decided to start blogging in hope to have many fruitful discussions with everyone who is interested in what we are up to. We are passionate about our groundbreaking work here, and want this blog to become an open forum as a mutual learning experience. People who are anxious to learn more will have an opportunity, and we want to learn as much as we can from everyone else too. Discussions of our direction with the community will influence our product decisions, and we want to learn from those insights.

The blog is hosted by me, Magnus Christerson; you can read more about me here. Charles Simonyi is committed to being active here as well, and we will also have guest appearances from other Intentional people. We plan to keep it open for comments for now and trust that everyone will participate with candor, integrity, decency and respect for others.

We live in exciting times. The software community is at an inflection point.The Software Crisis was identified a long time ago and there is a well understood need for change in our community. The way we program computers today has not evolved significantly from those early days, especially compared to the exponential evolution in other computer related fields like processor speed, memory capacity, storage and bandwidth. Software for sure has increased in complexity, but our tools and practices have not kept up with the needs. On the other hand, we believe there is enough momentum in the community today, that a breakthrough is possible. It’s time for the cobbler’s children to get some shoes.

Software is at the core of our society today. Virtually everything depends on software. A simple software error can shut down entire companies, or even governments.   There is no doubt that we have to take a quantum leap in software development to keep up with the trust that society puts on us software developers.

Toward the future!