Intentional Software at Work

Our presentation from QCon San Francisco is now posted here.We start with an introduction and then show two example domains – Electronics and "Building Permits on Rails".

The "Building Permits on Rails" section is from a real pilot project we are doing. As I mention in the beginning, the Building Permit domain code is a mock of the real domain code since we are not allowed to talk about the specific domain code yet. But the domain schema (Forms, Interviews, Tables), projections and transformations are all real. Real is also the implementation target domains of Rails, XHTML and Ruby.

The real domain expert in this project is a lawyer with very deep and specialized legal domain knowledge in the specific legal domain that we are targeting. He has never written any software code before this nor has he ever written any software specifications. But now he is writing all of the domain code himself (hundreds of pages) and from his domain code the full application is generated. I hope we can talk about the domain later this fall when the end application is planned to be launched.