Learn more about Intentional

This fall you will have two opportunities to learn more about Intentional. We will be presenting at two major conferences, JAOO and OOPSLA. At both conferences we will give an update on our technology and also do a sneak preview of the software.

First at JAOO, which is in Aarhus, Denmark, October 1-6, we will be presenting Intentional Software in the “Domain Specific Languages, and Beyond” track. This track is bringing together some interesting presenters to highlight practices around DSLs. Just based on the session descriptions Intentional is probably the “…and Beyond” part ;-).

Then at OOPSLA, which is in Portland, OR, USA, October 22-26, we are presenting a paper on Intentional Software in the Onwards! track. We are honored to be included in this track which, to quote the OOPSLA description, “…is the place to reveal the revolutionary, air the provocative, and expose the subversive.

Both JAOO and OOPSLA have a strong reputation on bringing together thought leaders in the software space. These conferences are often the first to highlight new and emerging technologies. These conferences are typically where you will hear about new developments, before they show up in trade magazines. We are very honored to be invited to both of these world class conferences and look forward to meeting many new and old colleagues, perhaps including you.