MIT Technology Review Article

We are delighted to be the cover feature of the current issue of MIT Technology Review. It was fun for me to spend time with Scott Rosenberg, and to show him what we are doing here at Intentional Software.

The article discusses our ambitious goals. We are working on a very tough and very technical problem and we understand the skepticism. We have early users, they are very supportive of our goals and their feedback is vital during this critical stage of development.

Because the content is so technical, readers might have some additional questions on the details. We have addressed some of these topics such as Degrees of Freedom which addresses the concept of the “Law of Leaky Abstractions”, or what is the role of the Generator, or on Hungarian Notation.

Thank you again to Scott for taking the time to delve into Intentional Software, and congratulations for the publication of your new book, “Dreaming in Code”!

And, lastly, thanks to all of you who are following us on this journey. We will continue to keep you informed of our progress.

By the way, I’m posting this from Star City in Russia where my space mission training is continuing for the April launch.

Charles Simonyi

ps. We are always looking for talented programmers. Please send us your resume if you want to join a great group and have an impact on the most exciting area in software.