Space News

While I try to keep my private life (such as it is) separate from work, we are getting a lot of hits because of the announcement of the contract I signed for an orbital flight on a Soyuz spacecraft and a visit to the International Space Station (ISS).

For the full press release see Space Adventures.

I want to re-iterate that my main focus before and after the flight remains with Intentional Software. We did not expect to make the space announcement at this time, but the story broke in Moscow so we had to scramble to get some material together. The actual flight assignment has not happened yet, but in any case the flight is not expected before the fall of 07.

I am very excited and feel privileged to participate in this adventure. The engineers and cosmonauts in the Soyuz program are truly an impressive bunch and their booster and spacecraft are marvels of system engineering, meaning that with modest means they created a reliable and still valid design. I am very fortunate to be able to study this system in detail.

Of course I could not resist looking at the components from the Intentional point of view. Look at the following snippet from the checklist:


It has been produced by the Russians using Microsoft Word! While I am delighted of that, I can see that checklists are a very interesting domain which could be generatively connected to the actual flight software; but even just for consistency checks and other configuration reasons, an intentional encoding would be much better than a Word file.

The syntax of the notation is very strict and is used consistently in the over 200 pages of normal and off-nominal (meaning emergency) checklists. In this example, the first line means: Start the timer, turn on KVD BO-SU (docking unit pressure equalization) valve using command C3. Observe light on, if light off (the dark rectangle), we have off-nominal condition (dotted border), action is to communicate with (Dpo) ground control (UZ). The next line is to be executed 1 minute after the first line, and the same valve is turned off. As you can see, it is a very precise domain specific language.