ThoughtWorks Technology Radar

We have had a close relationship with ThoughtWorks for several years here at Intentional. They have been following us closely as they are very interested in the potential of the Intentional technology. ThoughtWorks Technical Advisory Board consists of a group of senior technical leaders within ThoughtWorks. They produce the ThoughtWorks Technology Radar to help decision makers understand emerging technologies and trends that affect the market today.

In their August 2010 Technology Radar they discuss Intentional as an emerging technology that is now entering the Assess ring. Here is what they say:

ThoughtWorks has been working with Intentional Software for the past several years, and we are thrilled at the recent limited availability and production use of the Intentional Domain Workbench. We believe this technology represents a radical departure from the traditional software development approach. We place this technology in the assess ring, since we believe that it is time to begin exploring the application of Intentional’s technology in proofs of concept.

Indeed we are starting to apply the Intentional technology to real world situations with encouraging results. We still have engineering work to do, but for real applications we are now seeing our vision becoming reality. Very exciting times!

We continue to seek pilot projects for the technology, and I hope in 2011 we can discuss more broadly our experiences. Feel free to contact us if you want to participate!