ThoughtWorks and the Language Workbench

We have been working with ThoughtWorks for a while now to help us refine our Intentional System. Using our work-in-process technology in various real-world application scenarios, we are learning from each other how to make the technology most usable in practice.

ThoughtWorks is a terrific example of an early adopter of next generation software development practices. ThoughtWorkers constantly push the envelope to find the best new technology to solve their clients’ most difficult enterprise software development problems.

We have had the pleasure of working with uniquely talented ThoughtWorkers, including Martin Fowler, Chief Scientist. Martin’s many books and papers are focused on best practices in software development. When you read Martin’s work, you never waste your time.

Martin has just published a new paper on Language Workbenches, which is an excellent introduction to Language Oriented Development that we and others believe has significant potential. As we have blogged here recently, we think domain specific languages and notations are critical to using software to solve software problems.